Workers Hit By Proposed Rail Strike

So with Easter fast approaching many commuters will face a torrid time after the holiday period as they find the rail network shut down due to strike action. The rail unions have targeted the main commuter travel windows, 6am-10am and then 6pm –10pm. So just as we start to forget the impact that the bad weather had on our employees getting to work, we get a wake up call from the unions. The subject of productive employees working from home is always a hot topic, but it really is a policy that most companies should be addressing.

Remote Desktop Services (formally known as terminal services) that comes as part of Windows Server 2008 R2 is a fantastic way to offer users the ability to access a complete desktop or a particular application across the internet, securely and quickly. It takes no setup on the client machine, no VPN and no real training to get going. As well as RDS, Outlook can also be connected via Outlook Web App  or Outlook anywhere so you can access Outlook on any PC with Web access or with a laptop that has Outlook installed. These technologies are really allowing us to work remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. No excuses any more from your staff that the weather/rail strike/traffic is stopping them from working.

A really nice improvement with Windows Server 2008 R2 is a feature called remote app, where we can publish an application on the terminal server and just have an Icon on the remote PC and it will open and act like any other program loaded locally on the computer. This is also useful when the client PC isn’t powerful enough to run the new application locally as it doesn’t have to any more, as long as your terminal server can handle it for the amount of users you want to run on it will work fine. I’m trying to get a short video arranged of all this up and running so people can see it in action, but if you want to try it for yourself let me know and we will arrange for you to have a link sent out, so you can try it for real.

Happy Easter


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