Windows Phone 8

I have been using a Windows Phone now since early 2012 and my IPhone hasn’t seen the light of day since. I love the interface and the way it merges data, so my people tab grabs info from facebook. This means i get the updates on individuals when i go into there contact details as well as my facebook app. Unsurprisingly the Microsoft Office integration is near perfect, i can review a powerpoint presentation thats been emailed to me without having to fire up my laptop. Animation, transitions it all works on my phone and with the quality of the screen it looks great as well, if i need to amend some of the presentation i can do it there and then.

So when i saw Windows Phone 8 had been announced i was interested to see what was new…. well the home screen has been improved with more lives tiles being available and to be customised. It really is starting to look more like the Windows 8 screen that will appear on desktops and tablet’s at the end of the year.

As always its easier to see it in action – so here’s the video.

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