Windows 7 – Why ? (Part1)

Well after using Windows 7 for over 12 months now in various stages of the beta programme the main reason I like it is due to the improved performance. As feature rich as Vista was, you needed a decent machine to run it on…and it was still slow booting and shutting down. With Windows 7, Microsoft have really optimised the performance especially around the really annoying things! For example we all leave our laptops switched on for far to long so the idea of the machine hibernating and saving on power makes sense to all of us, however when it takes 2 minutes to wake back up and you have a customer on the phone asking for info its infuriating, so with vista I changed my power management to “never hibernate”

With Windows 7 the machine comes out of hibernation within seconds. And its not just me that finds this, around the office everyone I asked had noticed this. Power management is big in Windows 7, but its done in a way that doesn’t annoy, if my laptop is un attended for a short while the screen dulls slightly saving power and battery life, but a flick of the mouse and its back. It shuts down really quick, so when I want to go home, I’m not waiting for my laptop!

Power Settings in Win7 

It feels like they cut a lot of the clutter out and made it a clean and fast experience, I have installed it on a couple of old machines I have at home and it works well again, if you have a netbook, Windows 7 is an ideal operating system to install, where as Vista was a no go. That’s a great bench mark for the system that a newer version runs better than its predecessor on older or lower specified hardware. I’ll pick out a few more neat features in the next few posts.

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