Windows 7 Update

So I blogged a few weeks ago about a customer that had decided to upgrade to Small Business Server 2008 and replace their PC’s with Laptops installed with Windows 7. So 3 weeks have gone by since the install so I thought I’d check how they were getting on with the new technology and what they thought of Windows 7.

Here’s a few of their comments.

“We are 100 % happy with the network for many reasons. Firstly windows 7 is a great leap forward for everyone in terms of ease of use and searching and it has certainly lived up to the hype!”
“Secondly we have configured the laptops to run with an extended monitor which enables us to view multiple applications at once.  I can’t explain how invaluable this has proved and it has justified my decision to go for laptops in lieu of the desktops”

“ I can’t stress enough what a difference it has made.  It was difficult to justify such a hardware spend in the current climate but i am so glad we made the right decision” 

I think this emphasises the impact Windows 7 can have on organisations of all sizes, Swift Roofing the customer involved picked up on the benefits of the improved searching, and as we generate so much more data this becomes critical. Finally it shows Microsoft have learnt from Vista and what people want is ease of use and useful features, looks like they have delivered!

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