Windows 7 – Installed on every laptop at TecMan in under 1 day!

On October 22nd the latest version of the Windows operating system, Windows 7 will launch worldwide. At Technology Management some of us have been running on the  beta program since last August and have seen the product develop, In fact we are that impressed with Windows 7 we decided to install it on a batch of new laptops that are being issued to all our staff. So from September the 1st every member of staff will be using Windows 7.

Not only that, but we installed a pre built Windows 7 image ready to use with all applications, security programs and settings on over 30 laptops in one day!

one of the new laptops being configured with Windows 7


A batch of the laptops having Windows 7 installed across the network simultaneously.

So why are we so keen to roll out Windows 7? Well its less hungry on resources so performance is great, (we have even installed it on some older lower specified machines and it still works well) its quicker to boot up and to come out of hibernation, so our users are happy!

I’ll post a full Windows 7 feature listing later this week.


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