Windows 10 first impressions

As you maybe noticed  in the press this week Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10, yes they skipped 9, went from 8.1 straight to 10.

So after it became available for us to download yesterday I got a copy and loaded it onto my Surface 3 to give it a try. Happy to report at the end of the first day that its been as totally stable and I’m already wishing it was on all my machines.

So what’s new, well lots of minor changes but the two things I’ve really noticed are the new ‘Start Button’ – as you can see from the screenshot below they combined the live tiles of Windows 8 with the start button of Windows 7 – once configured it works well and as someone with a fair few apps I find it easier to spot the one I want with the larger tiles especially as old age degrades my eyesight! 


Other major change for me is that the modern or metro apps can now be windowed meaning that you don’t have to have them full screen then switch the whole screen back to the desktop. Much better Microsoft – totally more useable now.

Other than that I’m happy to report all the Dynamics apps seem to run well, no problems at all there.

I’ll update this posting as I find things of significance either good or bad but so far so good.

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