When your customers work late, who’s there to take the order?

We all aim to use sophisticated technology, try to remain flexible and responsive, source the best components – but parts of the B2B industry are still missing a trick…

In a world where business practices are only getting more complex and your customers expect 24/7 service, now is the time to make managing changing customer behaviours simpler – for you and them.

Enable your customers to place orders in their own time. Online sales are cost effective, practically self-managing and will save your sales team a lot of stress. And if we are to learn from the omni-channel selling of the B2C community, upgrading your online presence today to serve more of your customers’ needs will pay off almost immediately.

Just one system has to take the lead in your eCommerce journey, and that’s your ERP. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV in place, you have the operational efficiency to excel with online sales. It’s just one small step to eCommerce and all its potential business benefits.

Our eCommerce solution is built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Seamlessly linking your stock, product, discounts, promotions, and customer information for real-time integration between Dynamics NAV and your online store. Dynamics Additions eCommerce is your short cut to increased revenue and reduced administration.

Online access can transform B2B commerce. Your customers will see you as more responsive, get access to your products from wherever they are and be able to carry on their working day without the bottom-line impact on yours.

And remember, happy customers are far more likely to remain customers. In fact, its reported time and time again that customer satisfaction directly impacts business bottom line for the better. Therefore, making all of your systems easy and accessible for every type of customer can only be a good thing.

To find out more watch these quick videos, or visit www.tecman.co.uk/eCommerce

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