What is the Facebook Like Button for?

You may have noticed that at the footer of each blog post we’ve recently added Facebook’s new ‘Like’ button. This means that if you’re logged into Facebook while surfing Software Answers you can press the Like button and share the post you like with your network of friends on your Facebook profile. The button could just as easily be used on any page of a website that might include products or services. 250,000 websites are already using the button.

This relatively small step actually represents an important shift in how the web is changing how consumers – and eventually business customers – will buy products and services.

So what’s the big deal? Well, there are two sides. First, a recommendation to your friends can act as a referral that will be more trusted than from an anonymous marketer. Chances are your friends share the same interests and tastes and so there’s also a good chance that they’ll share similar needs for products and services. Your recommendation can help your network decide which product or service to buy; making traditional ‘interruption marketing’ – such as advertising or telemarketing – even less effective than it is today (and it’s certainly on the wane).

On the flip side Facebook will be building up an even clearer picture about you as you go about ‘Liking’ different content on the Web. This provides them with information that will make your web experience even more tailored to what you’re interested in. Depending on your point of view, that will make your life more convenient or be an invasion on your privacy.

This new ‘Like’ button may be the domain of Facebook for now – a social network increasingly exploited by companies seeking to attract consumers, but I’m confident that  Facebook’s business equivalent, LinkedIn, will be working on something similar. I’ve added the button because some of our content might be found by home computer users.

If you’re targeting consumers and are interested in adding the button you can follow this short how-to video here.

Interesting times or scary times, I’ll let you be the judge.

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