What do we blog about? a graphical answer

I love the way we are starting to use images to give us a representation of text or what subjects we are talking about. InfoGraphics are becoming so clever in what they display and we start to see the way they are used as part of a Business Intelligence strategy. Anyway I thought I’d run our blog through one of these tools and see what are the main phrases and topics that we are discussing..here’s the outcome. Interesting to see how “Midlands” “manufacturing” Event” come to the forefront along with the inevitable Technology Management, but nice to see “warehousing” “SharePoint” “Mobile” and “NAV” there as well a little less used. I imagine Mark (our marketing manager) will be pleased to see this good mix of topics we are blogging about.

As always though if there are areas we aren’t covering on the blog please let us know.


I used a great website to generate this graphic www.wordle.net

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