VAT Changes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The changes to VAT announced yesterday have left us with the challenge to get your systems updated to reflect the new VAT rate of 15% from Monday while still allowing the processing of historic transactions at 17.5%. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as just creating a new VAT posting group, we need to run some routines to update g/l accounts / items / resources / item charges and open sales lines and purchase lines. We already have the required tools due to a recent  VAT rate change in Germany and we have already begun to test them on the UK versions of NAV. We will however need your assistance to test the process on your specific systems and in addition there will be some work for you to think about (for instance ALL part complete warehouse shipments and receipt documents linked to purchase lines or sales line have to be deleted prior to running the process!).


We are going to be doing some initial testing over the next day but need you to assist by getting an up to date copy of your system into  a test environment ready. Joy Hambridge will be managing the process this week, so if you have any specific queries please contact her (she won’t be on support during this process, so please respect this, as it’s an important issue for us all to get over).


I need you to think about when you will be able to switch over, as ideally we don’t want to be working all weekend, so if we can make a start on Friday it would be very much appreciated.

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