Using the Posting Preview in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Sometimes what appears on the face of it to be quite simple turns out to be very beneficial. The “What if I post this entry” scenario comes to mind. For a Finance Department it is potentially always useful to know the endgame before pressing the “button” to commit entries from a transaction to the underlying ledgers.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is now able to move on from the basic Test Report, or simulated entries in a Test environment, to give the User a wide ranging understanding of what the potential posted result of a transaction will be by using the Posting preview to give details of all the related entries. In operation it appears as though it were actually posting the entries, but is only displaying the information in a preview mode.

Preview Posting

The Preview Posting option is available on the majority of documents and journals that can be posted within the system.

From a Purchase Invoice entry, for example, after entering the transaction details you can click the Preview Posting option in the Posting Group on the Actions tab of the ribbon.

Posting Entires


This will open up the Posting Preview page.

Preview Posting – Related Entries

Existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV users will immediately recognise the similarity to the current Navigation page. Any related entries are listed as if the posting had already taken place. Subject to the type of transaction, these show the links to the various entries including General Ledger, VAT Entries, Customer Ledger, Vendor Ledger, Item Ledger and Value Entries.

Posting Preview

Related Entries

On selecting the required related entry type, the Entries preview page will open. The example below shows the full listing of the destination General ledger accounts to which the system will expect to post for a Purchase Invoice. This depends on the state of the transaction. For example different sets of results will be displayed for a Sales Order where the lines are to be shipped but the Qty. to Invoice is set to zero as opposed to when there is an expected Invoice quantity.

Related Entries

The screen gives almost the same detailed information as a normal G/L Entries page with the exception that :

  1. a) The Document No. field is filled with asterisks as no Number has yet been assigned
  2. b) The Document has clearly not yet been posted and is for information purposes only

The above selection applies to any of the other normal Entries pages.

Selecting the Navigate Tab on the ribbon also enables any prospective Dimension entries to be reviewed.

Related Entires

So the risk of posting to an incorrect account or concern that the posting setup may be wrong can now be removed with this easy to run function. As a Consultant I have been asked many times for functionality that goes beyond the limited information on the Test Report. This delivers that capability, as it opens up the “Testing” to all elements of the posting and can prove to be a significant time saver as the preview is internal within Dynamics NAV rather than in another NAV company or external application.


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