Turn Customer Disappointment into Customer Delight with Microsoft Dynamics: Part 1 – Capture

Complaints Are a Gift – Make the Most of Them!

When customers complain to you they are not just sharing their pain points with you, they are giving you valuable insight into how to make your products or service better both now and in the future.  As Bill Gates once said “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Complaints therefore represent a huge opportunity to:

  • Increase satisfaction, loyalty and profitability
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Identify future needs of customers

That said the challenge many organisations face today is the sheer number of channels through which a customer can complain: phone, email, fax, letter, website, live chat, social media, blogs/forums etc.  Naturally the more channels you support the trickier it becomes to effectively track and respond to complaints.  However, customers expect us to understand the history of their interactions with our organisation so that they don’t have to repeat themselves or make multiple attempts to get issues resolved.  That’s why it’s important to have excellent systems in place to make sure you can capture and act quickly when a product or service fails. 


How Microsoft Dynamics Can Help

CRM allows you to capture complaints from multiple channels funnelling them into one single place where everyone in the organisation can easily view and respond to them

Capture 1

You can also make information capture mandatory to ensure the right information is captured from the customer at the start of the process.  In the example below you can see that when creating a new case, we have made the Title, Type, Subject, Customer and Origin fields mandatory.

Capture 2

There is also the ability to capture and track all activity that happens in relation to the complaint whether that is a phone call, email, task, appointment, SMS or even live chat conversation so that everyone has a complete view of the history of conversations with the customer. 

Capture 3

Benefits to Your Organisation

Using CRM to capture your complaints means that:

  • You make it easy for customers to interact with you using the communication channel they are most comfortable with
  • Customers receive a consistent experience no matter which channel of communication they choose
  • Employees have access to the history of all interactions with the customer making interactions with customers as effective, efficient and personalised/meaningful as possible

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