The Tecman Football Match Report

16th March is normally remembered as the day Ford Motor Company manufactured their 50 millionth automobile or indeed the day in which Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson resigned from office. However from this day forth 16th March 2010 will now be etched in the memory of the ten Technology Management employees who partook in the Sales and Marketing vs Technical five-a-side football match.

To give the game some context, the last time the teams met before Christmas; the Technical team were truly dominant clinching a comprehensive 13-6 victory. Tired of being the butt of the Technical team’s jokes, the Sales and Marketing team decided to organise a rematch. Buoyed by the absence of Technical’s midfield dynamo Liam Walton, the Sales and Marketing team were united from the outset and despite conceding a superbly placed goal by Technical’s Mark Connolly.

The Sales and Marketing team’s dogged approach paid off as with ten minutes remaining only one goal separated the teams. Then suddenly a defensive mix up between Sales and Marketing one-two of Jon Archer and Steve brown resulted in late lead for the Technical Team. However the team remained unperturbed, with Brown desperate to make amends, the diminutive powerhouse fired in a late equaliser.

The 7-7 final result was met with demonstrably differing emotions, with the Technical team dropping to their knees, clasping their forlorn faces whilst the Sales and Marketing team exuberant at having achieving such a turnaround in fortunes against a well drilled and skilful team.

Does your company have a football team? If you’re interested in taking on Technology Management, let me know and we’ll try and arrange a game.

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