The Speed of Trust

I have been doing some thinking recently about trust; a theme that ties in nicely with a popular business book by Stephen Covey called The Speed of Trust.

Covey argues that in today’s age, trust is a huge asset businesses can harness to get things done faster. Distrust on the other hand requires more checks and measures, suspicion and worry that can bog you down and stall progress.

Well, all of this sounds obvious, but this idea can be applied to your business systems too. Picture a common scenario: you have an important customer on the phone wanting a guarantee that an item will be with them tomorrow. Your system tells you that you have just one item left in your warehouse. Do you tell your customer that it’ll be with them tomorrow – guaranteed – or do you first check in the warehouse because you don’t trust what your system is telling you? Multiply this typical situation across your business and there you have Covey’s principle in action.

Your business system is either with you or against you.

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