The Rise of Social Customer Service

Social Customer Service is a Huge Opportunity for You

In today’s digital world there are various social media platforms, blogs, reviews, forums on which customers’ can talk about your organisation and there is now a growing preference for customers to turn to these platforms to get questions answered and provide feedback, positive or negative. 

The result is that social media has changed how organisations and customers interact with one another.  Whether we like it or not we, as organisations, are going to have to deal with our customers via these channels.  If comments have been made about your organisation and you don’t respond, then the perception may be that you don’t care.  If you do respond to these comments, then perception is more likely to be that you are making an effort and really care. 

As daunting as this may seem, social customer service represents a huge opportunity to for you to build and maintain loyalty and trust among your customer base along with publicly demonstrating your ability to provide a great customer experience. 

The Challenge

More and more organisations are getting involved in social customer service with the aim of creating meaningful relationships and building a loyal online following for their product or service.  The challenge they face is that it can be extremely time-consuming to monitor the vast number of social platforms that are out there.  With speed of response being a key measure of the customer experience, it’s important for organisations to have a well-organised, efficient method of responding.  What’s also key is that responses over the social platforms still need to be in line with your organisation’s overall service strategy. 

How Microsoft Dynamics Can Help

Microsoft have recognised this challenge and have developed a Social Engagement tool to assist organisations in delivering and managing their social customer service strategy.  Some of the features included in the Social Engagement Tool include:

  • Publishing and replying on a number of social media sites via a single platform
  • Analysing what people are saying about your organisation
  • Identifying who your top influencers and top critics are
  • Identifying what your competitors are saying on social media
  • Automatically create leads or cases from social posts
  • Setting up alerts for trending topics

Benefits to Your Organisation

Using the Social Engagement Tool to manage your social customer service strategy can result in a range of benefits for your organisation including: 

  • Generating positive word of mouth recommendations for your organisation
  • Improved customer satisfaction leading to increased customer loyalty, growth and profit
  • Reduction in customer service costs
  • Real-time feedback on new product/service launches
  • Early insight into any problems or opportunities which you may not have been aware of via traditional channels

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