The Problem With Microsoft Gold Partners is…

…there are just too many of them. MPNGoldERPAnd if you’re seeking the services of a company that knows what they're doing with Microsoft technology, how do you choose between them if they’re all ‘Gold’.

It’s a pain for us too because we know we’re head and shoulders above the abilities of many Gold partners when it comes to full-on ERP and CRM system integrations.

Fortunately, Microsoft listened and has now updated the Microsoft accreditation to  focus on levels of ability in different product groups. This now means that our competitor down the road might be ‘Gold’ for installing networks, but not necessarily Gold for implementing a business management system.

It’s not just our technical abilities Microsoft test. They want to know that our customers are delighted with the results of our work, so Microsoft ask us for references and speak to customers directly. If the two factors don’t add up, we’re out the club.

In short – Bill Gates’ boys have raised the bar and we’re delighted.

Delighted especially because we’re now officially a Microsoft Gold Enterprise Resource Planning company. One of the first in the country, in fact. 

More news to come soon on other competencies…

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