The Post Office moves to hosted Exchange

The Royal Mail announced today that it is moving its 30,000 Exchange mailboxes onto a hosted Microsoft Exchange platform.

Suddenly we are seeing organisations of all sizes looking to move their data off site onto a reliable and scalable system with a flexible pricing model. Although Technology Management aren’t hosting the Royal Mail!! we did have a longstanding customer come to the same conclusion and move their 50 mailboxes onto our hosted Exchange platform this week. The scale may be different but the benefits are the same, they needed to upgrade to the latest version of Exchange,that would have meant new hardware, new backup software, antispam software, plus consultancy to get it all in and working. They need their mail to be available at all times, which upped the cost again to include a high availability option. Instead they opted to pay a low cost per month to get everything they wanted and lose the responsibility to keep it all up and running. Hosted Exchange is available from £5.99 per user per month.


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