The New Features in Additions Doc Delivery just keep coming

We are currently witnessing a significant change to the way software is deployed. Evergreen Software is the description of applications that continually have new features or functionality added to them. We saw this start with apps on our phones and web based software (think Facebook or Twitter).

The speed of change in progressive software packages is unrelenting and it's great for end users, as they receive smaller changes on a more regular basis which don't require a huge upgrade or lots of additional changes, it's an evolution and it should be intuitive for the end user to take advantage of.

It really makes me happy when I see our own software following this trend, Additions is the name we give to our range of software developments that add extra functionality to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. One of our most popular is Document Delivery, an Addition that allows your staff to send out copies of documents from NAV, think Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders in different formats via Email either immediately or at a scheduled time. Many of our customers use this Addition on a daily basis and we love taking feedback and feature requests, as well as the option of being able to send multiple documents which was added, the ability to password protect the PDF's that were being sent out was requested. Obviously with sensitive data being sent this needs to be secure, so pleased to see in the last update our customers are now able to password protect the PDF that is created from the Document Delivery Addition.

You can find out more info about Document Delivery on the URL below..

Or check out the Overview video around Document delivery here.


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