The IT Holiday

So I am currently off work on holiday and my responsibility for packing was the electrical/gadget stuff. I was amazed at how much stuff we packed.

  • Netbook for web browsing, checking email, uploading photos and videos to.
  • Camera and digital video camera
  • iPod and speakers
  • Phones for me and the wife
  • PSP and games
  • 2 Nintendo DS’s for the kids and games
  • Eldest sons iPod touch
  • Chargers, cables, convertor plugs

So that was my hand luggage allocation gone, before I’d even packed a book… (did squeeze a couple in after a stop at WH Smiths at the airport!)

Also one requirement I had for the resort was it had to have Wi-Fi at the hotel, which it does sort of….less said about that the better. So will be looking for nice bar with wi fi in the local vicinity in the next few hours. A big difference from the bucket and spade i used to take as a kid, I did think it was just me being a bit of geek but from talking to others in the resort there's a fair few other folk with laptops and gadgets galore that have become essential travel items. Some people think its mad to check your mail etc while on holiday but for me, 10 minutes each evening after a day on the beach allows you to forward a few emails around to the members of the team so things get sorted and means there are no nasty shocks and hundreds of mail in my inbox when I return to the office. To be honest seating at a beach bar with a cold beer doing my mail is the perfect way to work!

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