The Forecast is Cloudy

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The interest that we have seen in Cloud services over the last 2 years is now turning into real business and delivering real benefits to organisations who are signing up for them. The ability for customers to be up and running in days on new systems without the traditional large investment is really attractive especially in the current economic climate. As the economy slowly recovers business are starting to look at how they can offer a better service to their customers and steal a march on the competition. Taking advantage of a new CRM (customer relationship manager) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can offer those benefits but the hurdle of financing the software and hardware to run them is still very much in place. Not just acquiring the finance in the first place but the impact a large loan can have on cash flow while the economy is still recovering is a huge concern.

Purchasing that software as a service (SAAS) removes those worries, no hardware required the software is paid for per user per month, so you only get charged for the users you need, start small then add  more people as you need them. 

We are also putting full desktops into the cloud so everything is run this way, Microsoft Office 2010, Exchange Server, Windows Server 2008, and SharePoint starting from £1 per user per day! (£30 per month) Again this is proving extremely attractive for customers especially those with 10-20 PC’s on the network.
No more server problems to worry about, Backups taken care off, accessible from any Internet connection (so you have a remote worker option next time it snows or we have another Swine Flu epidemic) No more unforeseen upgrade costs, you just get the new versions when they become available. In fact today we have signed contracts with a 25 user company to move their entire system into the cloud and move to Dynamics NAV at the same time.

If your not looking at how cloud computing can help your business and your bottom line you really should be, it is a major change in how IT is delivered but one that progressive companies are embracing and benefitting from. Feel free to contact me on if you have any questions.


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