The Cloud’s Silver Lining

The month marks the 2nd anniversary of our hosted services business, launched in 2008. When it was agreed that we would build a platform allowing customers to run applications in a hosted environment, we weren’t too sure how quick it would take off. There was strong belief at Technology Management (especially from James Crowter) that this was the future in delivering software. But we anticipated it would take a couple of years to get customers thinking the same way and utilising the setup we had put in place.

However lots of people understood the concept and the benefits a lot quicker than that, and we have seen good growth in the business and have since updated the platform to take advantage of the improvements in Windows Server 2008R2. What has surprised me is the breadth of products we now find ourselves hosting. We originally assumed we would host lots of users on certain products such as CRM, however we find ourselves hosting Pegasus Opera, full desktops, email. SharePoint and NAV as well as CRM. This is one of the areas we have an advantage over some of the larger providers such as Microsoft who have a very rigid setup, and can’t accommodate the flexibility many of our customers demand.   

We have put together a small comparison between Microsoft BPOS v Tecman hosting and on premise solutions. Its not exhaustive but gives a good overview of the 3 different options.

hosted comparision

Unlike many IT providers we own the equipment in the racks, we are in complete control of the software and therefore can offer much more flexibility to our customers. Cloud computing is really appearing on companies radars now when assessing IT, the experience we have gained and the solutions we have provided in the last 2 years gives us a great head start to many in the market. Its also worth remembering we still offer on premise solutions as well, so we can deliver the correct IT package for you.


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