That’s a Lot of £1 Coins NAV Customers are Throwing Away…

A while back Gartner worked out that it costs the average company about £1 to send out an invoice: paper, time, stamp, storage….you get the gist. In short, if you're posting out lots of invoices each month you're leaving a whole chunk of change on the table.

What's more, the old way of asking your customer for money competes with everyone else. One customer recently found that by adding some oil to the creaky old way of invoicing – using electronic invoicing – meant they ended up on top of customers' cheque runs. So, e-invoicing can mean a healthy boost to your cashflow, too.

Which begs the question why any company that sends out a decent number of invoices each month still uses snail mail. Sure, the Royal Mail and our postie aren't happy about us cancelling our daily postal collection service, but that's progress.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV users have access to an e-invoicing solution called Zetadocs and I urge you to check out their 30-minute webinar that discuss e-invoicing on Thursday 17 March at 3.30pm. Sign up for free now. 

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