Using the Small Business Profile in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

The continuing attention to make the User Interface and subsequent data entry as easy and uncluttered as possible for the User, where sales and business business requirements are more basic, is heavily reflected in the simplified business functionality added in Dynamics NAV 2015. Aimed at smaller businesses as the name suggests, through adopting the Small Business Profile ID a range of amended pages is available to the User. In a previous blog in this category we explored the sub pages that have been added to master data. (October 2014). We now look at three further areas of simplification.

Templates for Master Data

New master records can easily be created from a Template which can be pre-defined with the required field values. For example, the following shows setup details of an Item Template.


On setting up a New Item, the screen will first display the available Item Templates.


Once a Template is selected the new Item will be automatically created with the field entries from the Template, avoiding the need to key in every new detail. Similar Template entry and selection for new master records, applies to Customers and Vendors. Once created, a new Item can also be saved as a new Template.

Cancel or Correct Posted Invoices

The Posted Sales Invoice page is another example of the “Mini” pages that comprise the basis of the simplified User interface. This also hosts new functionality to quickly cancel and correct previously posted Invoices. This relates to direct Sales Invoices (not Orders) and Item entries.

From the Posted Invoice document list (Sales and Purchase) 3 options are available to cancel, correct or create a corrective entry. Using the example of the Posted Sales Invoice:

  • The correct option automatically reverses the posted Sales Invoice and creates a new Invoice with the same details that can then be adjusted before posting.
  • The cancel option automatically creates a new Sales Credit Memo to reverse the posted Invoice.
  • The Create Corrective Memo option creates a Sales Credit Memo but leaves it to be manually posted.

The same options to Cancel / Correct are available on the individual Posted Invoice cards and apply to posted Purchase Invoices as well.



Adjust Inventory

In straightforward  Inventory business processes where Locations, Bins, Lot Tracking and Advanced Warehouse functions for example, are not required, with the simplified screens available it is possible to increase or decrease the Item’s inventory quantity manually and easily from either the Item list page or the individual Item Card. The example below shows the Adjust Inventory option on an individual Item card.


Selecting the Adjust Inventory option from the ribbon opens the adjustment page from where it is easy to insert the new Inventory value and subsequently post the adjustment.



This post was written by Geoff Turtle, a Dynamics NAV Consultant at Technology Management.