What is it about SharePoint, Adam?

A couple of years ago Technology Management ran a SharePoint event around top ways to use the software and, as the person responsible for marketing our events, I can confidentally say that it was the easiest event I've had ever had to fill. The turn out was so good we had to run it twice.

The topic at that time focused on practical uses for SharePoint. We chose that subject because we believed that SharePoint's biggest strength was also it's biggest weakness: it's SO flexible, that you have to have the right mindset to make the connection between how SharePoint can tackle all sorts of inefficiencies scattered across a business.

Two years on and SharePoint at Technology Management has come a long way. We now offer a powerful visual workflow tool from Nintex that is impressing every client that sees it. And I think that Nintex is helping users see how they can apply SharePoint to many parts of their business.

To showcase our progress with the product we've scheduled another SharePoint event for March called Turning Paper into Profits (you can blame me for the cheesy title and Vegas theme).

Thinking that the 'buzz' around SharePoint may have tailed off I decided to start promoting the event stratight after Christmas. I asked Adam, our new graduate to call local businesses and invite them along. Well low and behold, before January was out we'd over booked again and had to stop calling.

Now I'm left with a cocky know-it-all graduate trying to call the shots (only joking, Adam!).

If you missed Adam's call, you're welcome to book onto the event, but it's likely to be standing room only (and we just don't have the time to repeat the event at the moment). Don't call Adam, though – he needs bringing down a peg or two. Instead book online so I can claim all the credit.