Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM go mobile!

Now on your iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Now that we are all used to consuming information on the move it’s frustrating when we cannot access key business systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM.

The trouble is that the apps that have been available to date have only published very limited information – and almost all business needs include more than just simple standard fields.

Now finally there is a solution that allows you to enquire, and update, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM from your iPad or iPhone, Android phone or tablet, Windows phone or Microsoft Surface – in fact any device you can think of except Blackberry (where the graphics are not strong enough).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the move with an app from Rescoe and Technology Management
It’s called Resco (simply search for it in your apps store and download it) and the good news is the standard client is free. There is some work to do at the server end before it can connect though. Resco make money by having chargeable, premium versions that first allow you to customise the screens and then, via .NET, change almost anything in the same way as you are used to doing
with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM.

So the next time someone rings in to the office to ask for anything from a phone number to a customer balance or check if an item is in stock, tell them that if Resco was implemented they would be able to find it on their smartphone.

P.S. Microsoft do not have mobile apps on their roadmap except for a very simple iPad app for Dynamics CRM next year.