Microsoft Licensing – Where do I begin?

So you have made the decision to upgrade your servers, PCs and laptops or may be put in a new system and are finally ready to get things moving but all of a sudden you start to think;

-          What about the Microsoft licences?

-          How many do I need?

-          Can I use the ones I already have?

-          What options are available?

-          What do I need to consider moving forward?

As many people will know this area can be a real pitfall for those of you who are trying to plan a new implementation or install a new system and what you need now may not be what you will need 6 months down the line.

Fortunately for most people this tends to be a dilemma that does not have to be addressed too often but that also means that when it comes to making the decisions it is difficult to get up to speed on the latest licensing rules and what option is going to be the most suited to your business. This is why some of the less fortunate of us regularly take the time to attend the licensing seminars and exams to ensure that when you do need to make these decisions we can advise you according to what you need and where you will gain the most value.

Some of the key concerns that I come across on a regular basis relate to;

-          Lowering upfront costs

-          Spreading payments

-          Ensuring access is always available to the latest software versions

-          Allowing flexibility in the licences that are purchased

-          The rights that each licence will allow

As with most business decisions making the correct choice can often make the difference between a fluid transition or a painful process with increased costs and discontent colleagues. If this is an area that you are looking to plan then we are always available to help you alleviate the pain, unmask the benefits and make the correct decisions quickly.