Can you forecast inventory demand in AX2012?

The weather forecast for summer 2012 is pretty miserable, but the outlook for forecasting in Dynamics AX is very bright, with Demand Forecasting- available now from Technology Management.

It’s a simple question, but the answer is surprisingly complex.

Standard Microsoft Dynamics AX includes industry-leading MRP functionality, which includes the ability to enter forecasts.

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Microsoft plugged this functionality gap in 2004 with "Demand Planner"- a powerful demand planning and forecasting tool. However this power came at a cost:  Demand Planner required a separate SQL
database, dedicated clients and careful configuration and licensing, meaning only the most determined customers with the deepest pockets could createforecasts in Dynamics AX. Unsurprisingly, customer adoption was low and in 2009 Microsoft discontinued the product.

Technology management have now taken up the reins and Demand Forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a fully integrated Dynamics AX module (no separate installs/integration required) that calculates forecasts of future demand for items based on demand from sales orders, sales invoices, projects or production orders- allowing our customers to plan ahead for peaks and troughs in demand.

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Demand Forecasting enables users to generate sales forecasts using advanced industry-standard forecasting algorithms without the need to integrate with a third party product. Built upon the Forecast Pro forecasting engine from Business Forecast Systems, Inc., Belmont, Massachusetts, Demand forecaster provides customers with the power of an industry-leading forecasting engine and the ease of use of Dynamics AX.


  • Automatic generation of forecasts using
    multiple formulae
  • Optional grouping of customers and
    items with similar demand characteristics to increase the accuracy of forecasts
  • Adjustments to forecasts to allow for
    sales promotions
  • Ability to manually adjust sales
    history to remove abnormal demand
  • Optional documentation of reasons for
    manual changes
  • Graphical presentation of monthly
    forecasts alongside history, with
    promotional forecasts clearly visible
  • Forecast accuracy measurement

Available for Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 and Microsoft Dynamics AX2012, Technology Management can install, configure and support Demand Forecasting for Dynamics AX for a fraction of the cost of the old Demand Planner solution. For more information, contact