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Recently we have heard of Dynamics NAV customers who are being told by their partners that they have to upgrade because Microsoft support for their version ends soon. Specifically Microsoft have announced that support for Version 5 ends in April 2012 and even, get this, that support for version 2009 ends in 2014.
While this mainstream support withdrawal does mean that your partner cannot go back to Microsoft for support should you have a problem, in reality, with version 5, this is not an issue anyway.
The first point is that if you have a version 5 system that is unstable then you really have the wrong partner. System stability as in NAV crashing out of the client (v5 didn’t have an RTC remember so it classic client only) is usually caused by the executable that you install rather than the objects in your database. But what we term a client upgrade i.e. changing the executables to the 2009 R2 version can be done quickly and safely. Not only does this ensure stability but means you can install on new platforms such as Windows 7 etc. The point to remember is that it is upgrading the objects (especially from Classic forms to RTC pages) that takes the time and introduces risk.

Secondly what happens if you need a regulatory update as obviously past that date, Microsoft will not provide that automatically? Well first ask your partner how many of those there have been in the last ten years, the answer for most industries should be none. If they start to mention the VAT changes than point out that this was a change of rates that simply needed a data change, reverse charge VAT was supported in version 5 from its launch. Where the government has made regulation changes that have required program changes they have given over twelve months of notice so there will be plenty of time to plan how to cope.

The final point is that if your version 5 system is stable (and systems that old almost always are) then why do you need Microsoft support? At Technology Management I cannot remember the last time re had to refer an issue with a version this old and if we did I suspect that we would be told to upgrade and see if the problem still occurred anyway. You still need application support but any decent partner will be able to provide that for many years to come without needing anything from Microsoft.

In short the telling you that you ‘have to upgrade’ is in the same scale of scaremongering as the millennium bug was before year 2000. People who try to frighten you to upgrade are not acting in your best interests. Am I saying you never need to upgrade, definitively not but you should upgrade because of the benefits you will get not because of the threat that your systems will fail and no one will help you.

With the new Role Tailored Client, Web Services, new Reporting Services reports, as well as the improved functionality there are loads of advantages to 2009 but please do it for the right reasons not because your partner scares you with unfounded fear.

For your information I have included the detail of the Microsoft reminder below.

Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Ends April 2012

Mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, including 5.0 SP1, ends April 2012 per the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy. Customers who are current on a service plan can continue to access the following benefits through CustomerSource:

  • Previously released Upgrades, Updates, Service Packs, Fixes and Regulatory/Tax Updates
  • Self-Help Support through Knowledge Base articles and online content
  • Unlimited Online Training
  • CustomerSource Community and Tools

For more information related to Microsoft Support Lifecycle policies and product dates for all Microsoft Dynamics NAV products, see the Support Lifecycle Page. For support lifecycle information for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in particular, see Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Lifecycle Information.

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