Supercharged CRM – Dynamics CRM 2015 Online just got quicker!

Microsoft have just released Update 1 for Dynamics CRM 2015 Online.

The update has included lots of new features… but tucked away in the announcement is a feature which will bring greater productivity and adoption to users of Dynamics CRM Online – a hidden gem.

Form Rendering Engine

The Form Rendering Engine is the part of CRM that presents you with your information within Dynamics CRM when you are looking at an Account, Contact or Opportunity.

There are 2 elements to this

-          The View Layer – This contains the structural elements of the form, the tabs, sections, fields and the overall layout

-          The Data Layer – This is the information that fills the fields and grids on the form.

The View Layer is now cached so that it loads from memory rather than the database server each time it loads resulting in much faster response times.

For the keen eyed, the user will also see status messages as the form loads, such as ‘Loading Business Logic’ and ‘Getting Data from CRM’. 

Pole Position

I needed to verify that I wasn’t just thinking it was faster because Microsoft said so, so I compared standard CRM 2015 vs CRM 2015 Update Rollup 1 and got the following ‘non-scientific results’


Account   Form – First Load

Account   Form – Second Load

CRM   2015



CRM   2015 Update 1



So as you can see, there is a slight improvement in load times on ‘First Load’ but when you load the form again the load time is cut by almost 50%!

In both cases, I used Internet Explorer 11, the same sample Account and pressed start on my stopwatch when I clicked to open the Account and stop when the Form had rendered fully and the Posts were displayed.

I also removed the map from the CRM 2015 Account since this was not shown in CRM 2015 Update 1.

The Winner

Clearly CRM 2015 Update 1 takes the chequered flag in terms of performance and this will translate well for users of CRM.

In addition to the Navigational changes in this release users should be more productive and satisfied with the application.

I’d recommend that existing users of CRM Online update to as soon as possible and, if you are new to CRM, why not take a 30 day trial?

Contact Technology Management and we can assist you with this and demonstrate the power of Dynamics CRM.

For the Race Engineers (the technical bit!)

If you are upgrading from CRM 2015 to Update 1 and you have unsupported customisation such as jscript on your forms, you have the option of switching off the new Form Rendering Engine whilst you update your customisation.

This is seen as temporary option as you will very much want to take advantage of the new engine as soon as possible.

This option can be found in System Settings

Happy CRMing!

To see the full roll out of Update 1 to Dynamics CRM 2015 Online, check out our playlist at 

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