Software has changed, it’s constantly evolving

Whether its an app on your phone, Facebook, Twitter or you’re favourite website, you can bet that  fairly frequently a new feature or benefit appears. Before you know it that feature becomes the norm and you wonder how you got by without it.

And so it goes on…..

That mindset of constant improvement is a good thing and its great to see it being adopted in more tradition software packages like ERP. The days of huge upgrades every 4 or 5 years that were costly, time consuming and detested by the end users are over. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been on an annual release cycle for over 4 years now and we see that accelerating as we get a monthly update as well.

As the changes are happening more subtly the requirement for intensive training sessions are disappearing, the interface evolves sensibly so users can see quickly see what’s new rather than being drowned under too many changes at one time.

The world is changing at a rapid pace as well, mobile devices have dramatically changed the way we work on the go. If you had to wait 5 years for an upgrade then you’ll still be waiting for a mobile client for your software long after you bought that Ipad. But an annual release means its there within months of us all realising these tablets could actually make us more productive.

New licencing models have also appeared, the ability to pay for the software on a monthly basis, scaling up and down as your business requires it.

The option of having your ERP software in the cloud is appealing to many progressive business owners, no hardware to worry about or maintain, no huge infrastructure costs just to get the software installed. Just load the client or use your web browser. This again results in updates to the client just appearing in the browser client, no more walking around each PC and loading new client software on it when there’s a change. Huge time and cost saving.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is at the front of the pack when it comes to this new software model. If your on an older version speak to us about getting you up on the current release. Once your there you’ll wonder how you got by without it for so long.

If your current ERP solution doesn’t offer you these benefits, well maybe its time to make switch.

Check out our NAV 2016 resource page with videos, downloads and info sheets to get you up to speed.

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