Simple, fast electronic document send and storage

In any business saving time can mean saving money and resource.

Your staff will use up a lot of time manually sending out copies of documents, from sales orders to invoices, purchase orders or the like. This can be a time consuming tasks and one which can impact productivity inside your business…

Our new Dynamics Addition, Document Delivery, is specifically designed to eliminate cumbersome paper-based and time consuming processes, enabling email of individual documents or batches of documents, instantly or scheduled for delivery at the end of the day/overnight.

User friendly and easy to customise for your own requirements. Our Document Delivery system is straightforward – defined email templates pull through the correct contact and content information to personalise each communication – all from within Dynamics NAV.

Why not make ten tasks, one task?

Check out Dynamics Additions Document Delivery and range of new Additions at or get in touch today.

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