SharePoint Event – Turn Paper Into Profits


We are running a free event on Wednesday 10th March 2010 where we are going to show how SharePoint can cut through the paperwork in the office and automate business process in hours rather than days of development.

We will show how this can be achieved with SharePoint services (the free version!) as well as the extra benefits of using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

The areas we will be focussing on are, Control and Security – restrict user access, control what is allowed to be seen, used or even copied.

Powerful Project Management with SharePoint and how to build powerful workflows quickly.

We had an excellent response last  time we ran a SharePoint event and had to run the morning on an extra date to fulfil the demand, yet I can’t believe how much more we do with SharePoint these days…

If you haven’t seen some of the advancements with SharePoint for a while, its worth taking a look, SharePoint is a $1 Billon business for Microsoft and with the next version (SharePoint 2010, which we no doubt will give a sneak peek at during the event)just around the corner, you would be crazy to ignore it.

Here’s the link to more info and registration on our website

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