SharePoint 2010 now available on Technology Management’s Cloud Service

Pleased to announce that we have now launched SharePoint 2010 on our hosted platform. SharePoint 2007 has been available since we launched but with 2010 now available you can take advantage of some of the great features in SharePoint 2010. Prices starting from £5 per user per month or even cheaper if you have other hosted services with us.

Full collaboration for all workers not matter where they are based, document management, version history,intranet as well as workflow and approval.

If you want to see SharePoint in action drop me an email and we can set up a webinar, where you can see what’s possible and the benefits it can bring to your business. Its still Microsoft fastest selling product if you’ve not taken a look you’re really missing out. With it available in days for a few pounds per month on the hosted platform its really is a no brainer.

Microsoft post a few videos around peoples first steps with SharePoint and this is one i found from a UK School, gives a good overview of where to start with SharePoint

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