Service and Helpdesk Management leads the way with TomTom WORK

Integrated solution improves visibility, productivity, customer service and compliance

Pegasus Software has announced the integration of its Opera II Service & Helpdesk Management module with the TomTom WORK solution.

TomTom WORK delivers a complete, real-time overview of the situation in the field.  Managers can track and dynamically allocate jobs to drivers, while TomTom WORK’s satellite navigation enables drivers to make the shortest, quickest and most efficient journey to the next job.  Integrated with Pegasus Opera II, this delivers the ability to manage assets, complete tasks onsite and automatically begin billing and other back-office processes.

Stuart Anderson, Operations Director, Pegasus Software explains:  “Effective service management is built on accurate visibility of resources and reliable communication with the workforce in the field.  Integrating back office processes means faster payment, less paper-based processes, better asset use and higher levels of productivity and uptime.  We are currently the only accounting vendor to offer complete integration with TomTom WORK so our customers can gain a real competitive edge.” 

“Integrating Pegasus Service & Helpdesk Management with TomTom WORK means a business can dynamically update and allocate new work, based on the nearest available resources.  So if an emergency arises, the office simply sends the nearest operator to fix it. That means better customer service.”

“The solution also delivers details on vehicle speed, fuel use and trip reports so fleets can be managed more effectively. The 24/7 asset tracking and improved fleet management coupled with extensive reporting helps companies reduce not only wasted journeys and the fuel costs relating  to them, but also the corporate liability risk associated with fleet vehicles.”

“This is no longer the exclusive preserve of the large enterprises – smaller businesses can realise real savings and improvements quickly.”

Barney Feely, Regional Channel Manager, TomTom WORK explained: “TomTom WORK is used by some of the biggest service and maintenance names in Europe.  This integration with Pegasus will expand that footprint and gives Pegasus customers a unique headstart on the competition.  More convenience for drivers and improved service for customers; a better, more efficient use of fuel and lower costs all follow quickly from the use of this innovative, integrated solution.”

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