Responsive tiles in Dynamics NAV 2015

So the first thing you will notice when logging into to NAV 2015 is the role centre tiles now do more than they used to. Microsoft have tagged them ‘Responsive Tiles’ but in essence they now have the capability to

  • Show more than just an integer number, decimals, currency or percentages are allowed now.
  • Show a green, orange or red line on the title to indicate if the value is on target, borderline or over target or as MS call them ‘thresholds’.
  • Use different images rather than just stacks of paper (i.e. calculator, calendar, camera, cash, chart, checklist, diagnostic, document, folder, funnel, heart, key, library, message, people, person, receipt, settings, star, & time)


Targets are set per company or per user via a new Cue Setup page. Leaving the username field blank on this page sets the criteria for all users but you can set target values or thresholds for each user for each tile.

You or your partner will need to do some work to make the most of the new features though, from what I can see, only the sales order processor role centre has been changed to have a calculated field and every Cue on every role centre still only shows the stack image. It doesn’t preview the new functionality as well as it might and I worry that some end users might miss it altogether and not realise that it’s there especially if we stick to standard NAV as urged to by MS.

From a developers/configurators point of view Microsoft have acknowledged that the fields in the Cue tables no longer have to be just simple flowfield ‘counts’. While it’s still suggested that you need to add a field to the table you can setup a normal decimal field and then populate it via code on the role centre page via a call to a function on the Cue table. In actual fact you could do this in 2013 provided the result was an integer but now it’s an official method. An example of how its suggested to implement is on Page 9060 SO Processor Activities calling the table 9052 to calculate the average days delayed in shipping sales orders.


Actually what can be achieved with a little time and effort is quite impressive and at Technology Management were certainly well on the way to having a set of role centres that fully exploit the new features.  

Suggestions for 2016 please :

  • Allow a even greater range of variable types specifically dates
  • Allow us to define our own images or at least add more KPI type one’s such as gauges
  • Allow thresholds to relative (without code, account schedule style) – 10% of the debt should be over 90 days for instance.

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