Reconcile Customer and Vendor Accounts

The reconcile customer and vendor accounts report is available to check to see if the debtors and creditors balance back to the general ledger based on the date filter entered on the report.

When you run the report you can apply a date filter to the date you are balancing to and you can also select a GL account you want to balance to, or leave blank to run as of today and balance all ledgers.

The report looks at the accounts in the posting setup and compares the balance to the general ledger account specified in the posting setup area. If these figures do not balance the difference will appear in the difference column which will need to be investigated further.


This is available in latest releases of Micsosoft Dynamics NAV by typing reconcile in the search box or it can be located in:

Departments/Financial Management/General Ledger/Reports/Miscellaneous

In classic versions of NAV the report can be located in:
Financial Management>General Ledger>Reports>Miscellaneous

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