Rapid release schedule promised for Dynamics CRM

So now that the Dynamics CRM 2011 release is fully out and in general use, Microsoft has reiterated their plans to release two updates a year. Planned to appear in quarters 2 and 4 each year this is a very rapid schedule and it will be interesting to see what improvements are actually included in each one over and above the usual service pack ‘issue resolutions’.

2011’s Q4 release is now not so far away so they have published the chart below to illustrate the areas that it will affect and while the Office 365 is more about making their cloud offering work properly, I am excited to see yet more BI capabilities and enhanced dialogs on the list both of which look real advances when you dig into the detail. 

For those interested the full document describing the changes can be found at http://az26122.vo.msecnd.net/docs/Release_Preview_Guide.pdf



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