Questions to ask yourself regarding your current IT provider

We are starting a marketing campaign getting companies to question the service they are getting from their current IT support providers. Its targeted at network/infrastructure services. I got a sneak preview of the artwork that is going to be used for this campaign and really liked it. They are currently at the printers but thought I’d share them here… as well as looking great they ask some serious questions.  I particularly like the “dedicated support” one with the mobile phone…and love the “we’ve got the balls to tell you when your IT is about to fail” in reference to the system monitoring we now offer which is making our support much more proactive.

Credit for the concept and design to Mark Britton our marketing manager here at Technology Management. Top work as always.







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  1. It’s worth adding that the Elvis postcard talks about how we like to share customer reviews on an independent review site. It’s a way to create some transparency and trust with businesses that don’t know anything about us.
    I think most businesses would admit that it’s a scary thing to do to let any customer share their thoughts about you with the world. However, tt’s really paid of for us; the reviews have been fantastic!
    If you haven’t seen the reviews (or shared your own opinions) you can take a look here:

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