Preview Microsoft Dynamics NAV Delta Files in Windows Explorer

A quick Windows Explorer tip for you.

If you do much work with NAV objects, exporting, comparing, merging, upgrading etc. then no doubt you work with PowerShell and .delta files a lot. You do use PowerShell, right? If not, you really should.

I’m a fan of the preview pane in Windows Explorer to sneak a peak at the contents of files without having to open them. It’s fine for .txt files, but not .delta files. Windows Explorer doesn’t know what .delta files are so doesn’t know how it should preview them.

That’s annoying. Fortunately you can tell Windows Explorer that .delta files are just text files. Once you’ve done that it will happily serve up a preview for you.

Add a string registry key to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.DELTA\PerceivedType with a value of “text” (no quotes).



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