Prevent simple, avoidable errors in setting up master data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

As we know, it can be difficult to enforce policies for master data in Dynamics NAV – making sure every member of your team is on the same page when it comes to the detailed information you need for your business to run smoothly…

If you need “a must have” credit limit for every customer, or vendors in GB to always have a VAT Bus. Posting Group of DOMESTIC – ideally you need a virtual safety net in place to catch any missing or incorrect inputs.

We have developed a Dynamics Addition, Data Validation Templates, which allows the definition of rules for different tables in Dynamics NAV – helping to apply human logic to data entry, actively encouraging users to input the right information, first time!

Using this Addition, you control every aspect of the validation templates; from the specific fields it validates in a table, to the displayed error message… So your staff will always understand why information has not been accepted and how to revolve it.

Sound good?

Find out more or jump on to YouTube and see the Addition in action

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