Phase III Of Opera 3 (V.1.30) Due Soon

Development and testing for phase III of Opera 3 is well under way, with release scheduled for the end of October. The new functionality and enhancements planned evolve the product proposition including:

  • Landed Costs
  • Retrospective Aged Debtors and Creditor Reporting
  • Repeat Invoices for Scheduler
  • Improvements to Stocktake
  • 15 additional enhancements and more
Spotlight on Retrospective Aged Debtors and Creditors Reporting

Currently the Debtors and Creditors reports within Opera 3 allow you to view the associated outstanding debt ‘as at today’; you cannot view the debt retrospectively, to look back at how the debt was at a date in the past.

The ability to produce retrospective Debtors and Creditors reports has been an enhancement request by Partners. Taking your feedback on board, additional Debtors and Creditors reports will be introduced in Opera 3 (1.30) to allow retrospective reports to be produced.

These new retrospective reports allow you to run the reports ‘as it would have been’ if it had been run at a specific date in the past. For example, to run the Debtors report as at the end of last month but importantly to show the outstanding debt as it was at the end of last month. This is commonly referred to as ‘historical reporting’ or as a ‘historical date report’.


Auditors, accountants and users can all see the exact debtors and creditors balances at any time in the past, but would most likely be used at period end or year end.

The existing Opera II and Opera 3 data structures already provide sufficient information to be able to reconstruct retrospective Debtors and Creditors reports, so Opera II and Opera 3 customers who upgrade to Opera 3 (1.30) can benefit from this functionality straight away. Please note, this depends upon how long the customer is currently retaining their Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger transaction data for.

We will keep you up to date with the confirmed release date, watch this space…………

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