Permission Ranges on Your NAV Licence

If you’ve got Microsoft Dynamics NAV, chances are you’ve got some bespoke object ranges that have been added to your licence – perhaps to allow you access to some objects that your partner has created for you.

In addition, most companies will have a licence that allows them to do some level of development and add new objects themselves. If you’ve already paid for it, why not make the most of it? See this post, for example, for some ideas for getting started with reports in the RoleTailored Client.

All objects must have a unique name and ID – so how do you know which IDs your licence allows you to use?

imageOpen the Object Designer in classic client (Tools, Object Designer) and create a new form. Base the form on the Permission Range table – it is a virtual table so won’t appear in the list, just type in the name.

Use the wizard to create a list form and add all of the available fields. Preview the form.

This will display all of the different object types and available ranges on your licence. You will be most interested in object ranges where the “Insert Permission” is Yes.

If you don’t have permission to create a new form you can achieve the same thing using the report wizard to create a tabular report.

Something for you to look forward to in the New Year 🙂


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