Pegasus reasserts itself in the SME accounting market

The last decade has witnessed one the most tumultuous periods for business software in the UK mid-market.  Unprecedented levels of merger and acquisition activity combined with the rise of global mid-market providers has re-defined the software landscape, challenging the way that software is delivered and transforming many systems in the SME space from mere bookkeeping systems into fully fledged business information systems.

It’s a situation very familiar to Pegasus Software, the Northamptonshire headquartered software house that has been one of the mainstays of the British software scene for almost three decades.  In recent years the business has changed hands as the market consolidated and although widely used (more than 100,000 users log onto Pegasus products every day), temporarily disappeared off the radar screen.  Now established as an autonomous trading unit of the Infor group, the fiercely independent business solutions vendor is mustering its partner resources, developing leading edge product…read rest of article

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