Pegasus Payroll Upgrade 2011

Well let me start by wishing a Happy New Year to you all!! Hope you had a great Christmas and have returned to work refreshed and well rested.

The title of this blog gives it away somewhat. But yes you are reading it correctly. Payroll I hear you cry!!! Surely not??? Well yes it’s that time of year again it seems to come round quicker each year. Some say its to do with getting older. I say its down to keeping busy.

We have started this week to put together our action plan for the next couple of months in readiness for the payroll upgrade for the end of the tax year 2010/2011.

In a nutshell the statutory changes for 2011 are:

  • The introduction of the D1 Tax Code
  • Changes in the Calculation of NI
  • Increase of Employee & Employer NI Rates
  • The Introduction of ASPP (Additional Statutory Paternity Pay)
  • The additional report for Child Maintenance Attachment Order Deductions
  • Filing of in-year payroll forms becomes mandatory for all employers on-line 
  • The withdrawal of EOY Returns on Floppy Disk

Our usual payroll upgrade letter will be winning it’s way to you very shortly along with a special invitation to our Pegasus event on the morning of Tuesday 8th February.   The event will include  information about payroll end of year. For those of you who have attended our payroll seminars before you will know how useful they have been in the build-up to the payroll EOY. Also various presentations and demonstrations will be run including the chance to see latest offering from Pegasus, Opera 3. 

We look forward to seeing you then.

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