Paperless office a step closer?

Over the past thirty years, many people have proclaimed the imminent arrival of the paperless office. Yet even the World Wide Web, which allows almost any computer to read and display another computer's documents, has increased the amount of printing done.

It seems we just can’t get enough of paper.

This is an unsustainable trend that businesses are finally waking up to. While ‘going green’ is probably not the main driving force for change in most SMEs, the growing cost of document storage and retrieval is.

Even if your business is super efficient and paper free, many of the organisations you do business with aren’t. And this is where managing their paperwork becomes a headache.

At last, affordable technologies are allowing smaller businesses to manage the onslaught of invoices, delivery notes and other correspondence from suppliers, customers, employees and government; turning the cumbersome pulp into manageable bits.

Small business software specialists, Pegasus, recently announced the powerful new Document Management module for their Pegasus Opera II software. The software captures and stores documents electronically, and has a powerful archiving, indexing and retrieval engine to ensure you never lose paperwork again. Security is integral to the system, ensuring prying eyes can’t access information beyond their user rights. The next version – coming soon – will be able to read the text of scanned documents for even more powerful indexing and retrieval.

Microsoft SharePoint users now have their own document management add-on from US software company, KnowledgeLake. Designed for more demanding business uses, KnowledgeLake Capture can handle the scanning, search and retrieval of large volumes of paper documents – with the added bonus of being tightly integrated into Microsoft’s SharePoint portal technology.

If your organisation doesn’t require the full scanning and indexing power of KnowledgeLake Capture, KnowledgeLake Connect is a good alternative. This electronic document management software allows any desktop authoring software to tightly integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, and it also gives remote offices the tools for everyday low-volume scanning.

KnowledgeLake Connect is a small desktop application that lets you save documents to SharePoint in a single step. What’s more, KnowledgeLake Connect increases the usability of SharePoint through features like Send To integration, a single login across pre-defined sites and prompts for document meta-data. KnowledgeLake Connect also monitors the files you retrieve from SharePoint and updates SharePoint as you save changes to your documents.

2 thoughts on “Paperless office a step closer?”

  1. Mark,
    Thanks for recommending our products. We are getting ready to ship a new version of Connect. It will have a brand new WPF-based UX with the ability to easily add SharePoint integration to LOB applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP or CRM.
    If you are interested in finding out more about this new LOB integration feature, I suggest you go to YouTube and check out this demo:
    Hao Zhai
    Director of Development
    KnowledgeLake, Inc
    3 CityPlace, Dr., Suite 700 | St. Louis, MO 63141

  2. Another huge source of unnecessary paper is tied up in paper bill statements and sending paper checks instead of using electronic payments and e-bills.
    While most companies have made it easy for their customers to be “green” and use paperless billing, a lot of huge companies do not have this capability. Most banks also allow you to pay your bills electronically through their websites, but if you are banking with Fifth Third, HSBC, Key Bank, or a few others, you cannot receive your bill online. This means that even though they allow their customers to make a electronic payment online, the customer would first have to have their paper statement in hand to know how much they owe.
    I think it’s really important for the business world to stop sending paper statements every month and for customers to insist on paperless billing.

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