Open Licensing Explained. Honest

When ever we put a proposal in front of a customer for new Microsoft software one question soon follows, “what is the best way to licence this?” And then the fun begins. Open Licence now has 3 different approaches, and this short video is the best explanation that I have seen. Basically the options are:

  • Buy it outright with one upfront payment, add on Software Assurance to get any new releases of the software for the next 2 years
  • Spread the payment over 3 years, with Software Assurance built in for those 3 years.
  • Subscribe to the software, always on the latest version plus flexibility when adding extra users.

We have had quite a few customers take up the Spread payment option and have had great feedback, and getting their company standardised on the same software version legally and quickly is ideal. With Office 2010 now launching, maybe its worth checking out the options and get your organisation on the latest version of office.

Click on the image to fire up the video.


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