OneNote Integration for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

For several versions now, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been integrated with Microsoft Office. You can send information from NAV to Outlook, Excel and Word.

In 2013, OneNote joins the party.

A OneNote icon has been added to most pages in the Windows client which sits alongside the Notes and Links icons that we had in NAV 2009.


At first, the icon is disabled. To enable OneNote integration you need to specify the location of the notebook that you are going to store your notes in.

This is stored at the profile level. Check either or both of the “Use Record Notes” and “Use Page Notes” boxes along with the path to the OneNote notebook that you are planning to save the notes in.

After making this change you will need to close and reopen the NAV client.



Notice that the OneNote icon is now enabled. When you do, OneNote will fire up and dock itself to the edge of your screen. It creates a new note for the record that is highlighted in the client.

Type away and add your notes.

imageLeaving the OneNote window open, highlighting different records in the NAV client will automatically load the notes for that record.

It is also possible to add notes against the current page, rather than the current record by clicking on the Dynamics icon (top left hand corner), Help and Page Notes.

You could use this for entering notes to help your users interact with the page. Give them some instructions about how they should use the page or some processes that they should follow.

Great, but why? NAV has had the record links functionality for some time and NAV 2009 introduced notifications – notes which appear prominently on a user’s role centre.

This feature allows you to leverage all of the flexibility of OneNote. You can drop pretty much any content into a OneNote page. Links to other content, embedded files, images, audio recordings, calendar appointment details…

It is also possible to sync the notebook up to SharePoint or to SkyDrive (with a Windows Live ID) and OneNote applications are available for Windows Phone, Android and iPhone.


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