On-demand account information for your customers

Your finance team will spend a lot of their time, probably more than they would care to admit, dealing with simple customer questions about account information. From outstanding invoices and orders to returns – this isn’t a great use of time for either your staff or your customers.

Give yourselves a break!

Save your customer from having to call or email and keep your staff focused on their day to day tasks by using our simple solution, My Account Portal. Born as part of our Dynamics Additions range, the portal is simple – it gives the power back to your customer.

Customers can log in using their unique login information and see instantly, anytime, their account balances, processing orders and credit notes.  They can even request returns, query an invoice and make online payments…

The flexibility for you and your customers from this Dynamics Addition can genuinely help to take some of the strain off your shoulders. My Account Portal can free up time to focus on your business objectives, whilst increasing customer satisfaction by sharing the tools customers need to work with you more effectively.

Fancy seeing it in action? Pop on to YouTube and watch it step by step…


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