Office 2010 easier to store your data in SharePoint and the cloud.

James beat me to it when it came to blogging about the release of the public beta of Office 2010, but one of the new features that has appeared in this release is a much improved way to save your files to SharePoint. Each release of Office has had better interaction with SharePoint, but I love what Microsoft has done here…giving me my recent SharePoint Locations and any links I have in my favourite SharePoint area.


We also now have the option to save files directly to SkyDrive, Microsoft’s free online storage facility. You get 5GB of free space to store files in, making them accessible from anywhere with a browser. You also get Office online included with Skydrive now so you can edit and create office files in the browser (more about that in a post later)

But the ability to save direct to SkyDrive is a big improvement, no 3rd party software needed, no need to go to Skydrive and manually upload them. Just save direct from office…as it should be. Nice work from Microsoft and thanks to Matt Woodhouse for highlighting this to me late on Friday afternoon.


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