Not Able to set my Out Of Office on Iphone 4

I’ve been really impressed with the Iphone4 over the last couple of months, the camera, the integration with the social media I use, the interface, and of course the fantastic screen. In fact nearly everything it does has impressed me. However as a business tool does it shape up? I had a couple of annoyances with it recently, firstly the way i struggle to see formatted Office documents that are attached to emails, that was slightly annoying. But my real moan is around the email functionality. Over the GPRS i find it can be slow pulling mail down, or it gets the header down but takes a while to sometimes bring the body of the mail, probably due to the fact it does bring the full HTML email down rather than plain text. However I  had a change of plan on Wednesday and went to pop my out of office message on as I wasn’t going to be in front of my laptop for the majority of the day, and guess what there was no option on my Iphone to do this. This was really frustrating, and I was amazed this wasn’t available. Was there an App for this? Yes, but the reviews were all poor and it wasn’t free. And this got me thinking,is the IPhone the best business phone out there? I still prefer it to the current Windows Mobile devices, but I’d definitely bring some of that Windows/Office integration that I used to have across to the IPhone. I think its a great consumer device and at present I wouldn’t change it, but I’m definitely interested in seeing if Windows Phone 7 delivers on its promise. It’s typical of Microsoft to come to the party late , but when it arrives, it delivers. Vista was not great, yet I’ve not heard a bad word about Windows 7. If Windows Phone 7 can replicate that and be quick and responsive, as well has having the business integration that we all need it could well be the mobile device we are waiting for.

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